Bracelet - White & Amber seaglass

Bracelet - White & Amber seaglass
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Bracelet - White & Amber seaglass

  • LBP 40,000

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TAGS: Upcycled Handmade Made in Lebanon

For the love of the sea!

Let your hands speak for themselves with this 2.3x2.3cm Golden bracelet, topped with White and Amber sea glass. Show the world your exotic taste in design and your love for the planet!

From the beaches of Lebanon, these unique sea glass pieces were discovered and designed into this beautiful bracelet. It is a gift from the sea, recycled by nature, and upcycled by Mira, the awesome designer behind this awesome bracelet.

How to use it?

Simply place it on your wrist and adjust it. Make sure not to spray perfume on it and remove it before taking a dip in the sea.

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Composition : 100% POLYESTER
Example Shown : SIZE XS, Hem to Hem 84cm OR 33 '

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