Myellowrap (two pieces)

Myellowrap (two pieces)
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Myellowrap (two pieces)

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All our products are eco-friendly, sustainable & delivered in eco-friendly packaging.

TAGS: Organic Compostable Reusable

Cling film? No thank you.

These small (18x20) and medium (26x28) wraps are made of organic cotton infused in beeswax, tree resin, and organic sunflower oil

How to use?

Wra your food plastic-free!

How long do they last? 

At least 1 year

How to wash? 

Handwash in COLD water with eco-friendly soap (no brushes or rough sponges). Hang or lay flat to dry.

How to dispose? 

Wrap: 100% compostable! Just cut it into pieces and put them in the soil or compost bin.

Paper packaging: Recyclable with paper recycling

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Composition : 100% POLYESTER
Example Shown : SIZE XS, Hem to Hem 84cm OR 33 '

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