Mouneh Bundle: 2 Medium 1 Large Reusable Bags

Mouneh Bundle: 2 Medium 1 Large Reusable Bags
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Mouneh Bundle: 2 Medium 1 Large Reusable Bags

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Handy for my Pantry!

 Get your hands on these 3 good-lookin' reusable mouneh bags, 1 large and 2 medium in size.

They are very sturdy, made out 100% of cotton, and are great for storing nuts, beans, seeds & produce.

Make sure to bring them along next time you're off to the grocery store and start reducing plastic bags!


Large: W30.5 x H41cm.

Medium: W25cm x H28.5 cm

How to use:

Fold it to fit in your pocket and use the rope to easily open & close the bag when needed.

How to wash:

A bit dirty? Throw it in the washing machine at 20°C to have it good as new!

How to dispose:

You can put that bag back where it came from, it is 100% compostable.

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Composition : 100% POLYESTER
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