Sun Yoga Mat Cork Series

Sun Yoga Mat Cork Series
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Sun Yoga Mat Cork Series

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Yoga-nna need this mat in your life!

This yoga mat is perfect for all skin types and especially for those with sweaty hands and feet.

More sweat means more grip. The mat comes in a cotton bag, easy for you to carry.

How to use:

Just roll it out and put it to good use.

Materials Used:

Cork top layer and natural rubber


1.20 kg


How to Clean:

Wash with a little organic soap, water, and a towel. You could also use disinfectant wipes for a quick cleaning.

How to Dispose:

This mat is recyclable. Seperate the cork layer from the rubber and recycle separetly. To know more, drop us a message on Whatsapp, DM or email.

Product Specification:

Opened mats can't be refunded or returned unless they have a defect. 

Item is priced in dollars ($99) and the price might change due to the daily rate.

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